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Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge

Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge


I took up photography to get out, and visit places I never been to before. This weekend I found a place, that I never even know was around. A National Wildlife Refuge, and less than 1 hour from my home. So I decided to make the trip. Good chance to really test out my Sigma 150-600 C.

While researching before the trip, I found 2 common topics: Great place for bird watching, and the green head flies are the worst. 

I got there around 9am on Saturday. You make a $4 donation to get in. No big deal. It has an 8 mile dirt road to travel, with approximately 15 marked stops, but you can stop anywhere you want. I got to to the 1st stop. It was a Bridge/dock, to walk out over the marsh. Didn't really see much at this stop. And, no flies. Got in my car, and drove to 2nd spot. Must have been the time of day.....HERE ARE THE FLIES!!!!  When I saw they are bad. 1" long, and were "plinking" off the car as I sat there. They were attaching the car. I got out and sprayed bug repellent head to toe, including clothes. Didn't help. You get out, and within seconds, are attacked non stop. So hard to get any good pictures. I felt rushed the whole time. Some great views. I did what I could to get some shots, but being pelted by flies, and having to max out my 150-600 lens, hard to get good shots. I refused to set up my tripod in the situation I was in.

I did enjoy the refuge, and what it is, and think I will try to go later in the year, when the weather cools off, and the flies aren't around.