Weekly MKJ Photography Blogs

Bad weather? Do studio work.

Bad weather? Do studio work


This week, I planned on going to a wildlife refugee, to get some new wildlife pictures. Well, the weather didn't cooperate. Rain all weekend, and chances of rain all week. Instead of not doing anything, find a way to do photography. 

I decided to set up a buget stuido in my house. Some softboxes, backdrop, and I was in business. Helping a family member promote their craft work, I moved into a new category. Never doing product photography before, but ifyou want to stay busy, you find a way to photograph. 

After setting everything up, I took a few test shots on a custom wreath. Got the files into lightroom. After some tweaking, got a great shot that can be used to promote the item.

There is always a way to keep busy with your camera.